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Mili from the block
Full Body
Suga Dada
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So who is Suga Mama?


Mili Dahan

Plus Size actress and model.

A groundbreaking businesswoman and leading public opinion in recent years

Founder of the Suga Mama Swimwear brand.

Nowadays as a strong woman, I understand what way I had to go to get to be a leader in my field.

But as for a happy ending, it wasn't easy at all either.

You could say luck didn't play out for me at the start.
They scoffed, hit, insulted, confiscated and closed thousands of doors.

This whole road was fraught with obstacles.

And today from my personal insights and breaking the glass ceiling,
I have built myself as a strong brand that goes before me.

Today I show you, in my life story, through the blog - interwoven with the hundreds of insights I've gathered
along the way, and show you - how it all lies in how we look at things, how to be happier,
deal with difficult situations in life, and most importantly - change attitudes.

What do people really want?
I keep saying, if I managed to win against all odds, you can too.
I will show you the method of success of high self esteem.


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