Guy Pines in the Night Show

So Guy Pines announced the show tonight!

"Israel continues to make headlines in the world

Israeli company proud blue and white "!

And my heart and my heart

Don't stand it! Thanks to everyone who posts


ungrudging. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Not obvious! To every future generation that follows me

Is proof

That the impossible can be done


No matter who you were in the past

What do you look like

Or whatever you are considering!

You can succeed against all odds. Lizo is the hottest thing in the world

And the fact that all over the world are manufacturers in the world

Want to dress her up

And she chose a small brand from Israel: "Because she fell in love with the models at first sight, according to her stylist:" That she opened the Black Diamond and all the glitter flies on it "

She started screaming with excitement in the suite "And I'm on the second line (3:30 PM)

Can't believe I rented it! Children and girls

If you pay high, you will work hard

Don't give up even if it's 3 months off. Believe in purpose and enjoy the way

We will meet tomorrow for an interview

At 9:30 at Paula and Leon

I will talk about launching the brand in the mall

Azrieli first.

Channel 12.


Wrong from mom

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