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Step 1 - You set yourself free !

עודכן: 28 בפבר׳ 2020

You probably seeing the pictures and enjoy the boldness of the full body courage,

And surely you say to yourself: "I wish I had half the courage to wear a swimsuit like this..!"

I used to be that way. As a matter of fact, I did not wear Kinney until I was 17

Well, I was covering Kinney with "prow" around my hips.

I was so ashamed of anyone to stare, not to embarrass myself like all my girls did.

There was one birthday on “the dream home” that used to be in Brenner Hill.

How the mothers of the girls nerdy as a fat girl who ran with all the children and unaware of herself.

And I heard then all the whispers "how her mother lets her be like that."

Yes yes - mothers of children, after all, education comes from home. What happened then was a birthday today and I smoothed and rubbed my entire right thigh. I didn't want to show it to my mom when I got home.

So don't be embarrassed to look at her girl like that. So I swore episode 9 that I would never wear a swimsuit again.

The swimsuit motif comes back many times during my life.

It was my obstacle that life brought to my success.

The girl in the pool was all her childhood until she developed eating weight loss and only then she agreed to wear a bathing suit and even then as I mentioned the legs were in hiding.

You who read the text and can't understand how I became the Sea Book article.

So I have rows for you.

I started at the lowest starting point. Ashamed I was afraid I gave weight to what people think or think of me.

Until one day I was able to establish a fact!

I am going to embark on my journey of life and move myself to work my way to a life full of confidence.

In all areas - a reference to the body, the desire to work in a profession that I always dreamed of and to go out with the level of men I never thought possible to look at.

And in this blog, I'll write you my secret to success - how do you move from low self-accumulation to extremely high

It's the smallest thing to do every day.

Step 1- Make a decision!

The first decision you are going to make is to tell yourself:

"This is my life and I will live them out how mine seems wrong and no matter how many thinkers get in the way I no longer listen to what they think."

I remember that sentence as if I said it yesterday

The day I said to the person closest to me: "No matter what I do you will always visit me"

The first night to set my first dream and attend acting school.

Do you understand, Babe?

The day you decide with yourself that you put a strip on the whole world

You'll be like the Ginny in Aladdin and go free.

As it was said - tearing the rope.

You know, like the Ginny, we're women who are braided into little lamps that parallel our thoughts.

with love,

Mama Mili

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