Step 2 - Clear the subconscious

After you take your most courageous (and hardest) step, you must clear all the background noise that had been putted you in your head.

Think of our brain as a music box and how rotating the summer is what we actually hear all the time in our heads.

What you and I are going to do now

is clean this music box in your head,

We will replace the cylinder for this box that has been playing for us all these years.

From the day you get up in the morning you say to yourself:

"I am beautiful

I am amazing

I'm sexy

I am talanted

I am successful

Everyone wants to be around me

I am a positive person

I'm optimistic

I love myself

Men admire me

For being a larger-than-life woman "!

And yes even if you had a little smirk - that’s fine! I had found it embarrassing at first as well, but it is the most sure recipe there is for winning !

Just like there’s a recipe for cakes and specialty foods - that is the recipe I pass on to you to start building your confidence.

Say it to yourself for 40 days in the morning after brushing your teeth in front of the mirror to tune yourself in like a string for a wonderful day and in the evening before going to bed to make your dreams just as sweet-sweet as you.

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