Step 3 - Invest in yourself

Sadly, I meet a lot of women who tell me

"Milli, I’m fatter than I was, when I lose weight, I will buy this garment"


It's about that in the future

But what about the here and now?

Now don't you live? Now you don't exist?

This is a common mistake of women who emphasize their weight and compare it to their way of grooming.

If you gained or lost weight, this should not stop your water from stopping the shopping and renewal experience.

Understand - the fact that you are preventing yourself from regenerating is actually increasing your level of frustration towards yourself, which is what ultimately leads to non-promoting thoughts and self-aggrandizement.

Keep regenerating and beautifying it doesn't have to stop you from day to day.

So keep replenishing all the time

And I would like to recommend you my winning team if it is online to day to day care from head to toe:


How important it is to know what is right for your face shape

What color, frame and haircut and winter days, is the best thing to do with your mood -

I recommend you Zviel Eisenberg.

Facial Care:

When you shine with a gorgeous face and smile that shows the level of grooming

Face Care This woman's best friend once every two months feels fresh and gives you plenty

Of face light

I recommend you the best

Eleanor Ben Shoham


This nails routine has become a mast of our lives

And as you see me, a colorful person who is constantly renewed in the strongest colors of the season

I want to recommend to you the champion I would not move without:

Sharon Dahan

Large size lucrative clothing:

Of course, not all if the malls offer us the size range we need;

But if a mall

You got ti visit H&M

American Eagle

Castro sometimes surprises with some cute maxi dresses.

And at the online level

I definitely recommend you Fashion Nova Curve.

If you already buy quality clothing online - then only there.

Of course, the level of purchase is only on the site's prints - simply stunning.

Their amazing customer service delivery comes within a week.

The service level is also courteous and fast.

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