Step 4 - The world of dating

Having built a strong mind for yourself about being a girl who knows what she is worth and confident is the time to check it out between yourself and yourself.

And the best place to improve yourself is in the world of dating you already elsewhere you continue to nurture yourself externally and most importantly internally!

That your mind is strong in a high place!

It's the best look for exercise to be you, get out of your comfort zone.

And go out with people who are also "less to your liking" What do you care about meeting new people in your life?

And you will not believe it but you will also be surprised to find that it is precisely to your taste (from personal experience).

The world of dating is the perfect place to step up your confidence.

Interaction with the opposite sex Speech discourse can reveal a lot to you about yourself.

You should not now be under pressure from any date or call the day after

Instead, take this place for a personal experience for you, break a routine of going out for a week, and teasing yourself.

It radiates a lot of your energy towards those around you.

Places I recommend for a first date:

1. Fantastic Tel Aviv - A relaxing atmosphere of Elisa in Wonderland with an amazing cocktail bar. Lots of interaction between the waiters and you, which also helps break the ice between you and the guy.

There are spaces that are reminiscent of the "maze" in which Alyssa went through - good luck getting the first kiss ;-)

Towards the area of ​​the toilet there is a sort of attraction that takes a photo of a Poloroid when you and your date are hugged tightly enough to make the photo in its timer.

2. The Drama Bar - The atmosphere of a school yard. It's just fun to sit there and experience the deja vu of gangs sitting together in a school yard. There are so many types of people out there - which makes the atmosphere very lifting.

3. Yes Planet / Cinema City - Many and good people recommend not going to the movie on the first date. Let me share please! This is the stage where you can test your date, how much he is a man from 1 to 10.

And the pluses are:

If he tells you - let's sit down in front of me, have a drink, talk - and then we'll get into the movie; This is a real friend.

If he offers you even though you don't deserve popcorn and drink - then you are a gentleman.

If he's streaming with you to a girls movie on the first date - marry him!

4. Snooker or bowling - always fun to go back in time.

That you don't even know snooker it gives a place for a man to feel masculine and conquer you and teach you how to hold a stick ;-)

 And embrace you, demonstrate how to hurt right.

Bowling - Forget it. That is letting him do the work.

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