Step 5 - Sports

Sport had saved me from depression.

I think the thing I realized during my life

You don't have to be in a weight loss marathon to do sports.

Sport stabilizes the body

And makes you walk proudly with your body

Like a peacock

In short, don't look at sports

Find some branch that suits you and go for it.

Or just adopt a dog

And he'll take you around already.

Sport clears the mind

My life that I didn't clash.

On the days I felt sad

I took my headphones and took a walk around the city or on the stunning promenade in front of the sea.

On the days when I didn't feel motivated myself, I simply turned to personal trainers.

I recommend you to my team

Barak Abergil and Amit Azulay

These are two coaches that accompany me

And even advise me as psychologists when needed.

Tennis is the love of my life

"Whoever understood tennis understood life"

It is to act in a short time and watch the opponent's actions as they move.

Who ever wanted to play and didn't know how

Immediately recommends that she register for the lots close to her home.

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