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After a year of developing the online brand and educating the public, Milli Dahan opened a Shoga Mama store in the Rishonim Mall in Rishon Lezion. The store now offers special discounts

שוגה מאמא (צילום: אלי זנתי ודור בורכוב)

Among the many shops and pavilions in the Azrieli Mall in Rishon Lezion, our team of experts has one special pavilion that is all designed for swimwear for women in large sizes, thin women, men and children. The person behind the SUGA MAMA pavilion is none other than Millie Dahan, an actress and model Plus Size. She is a groundbreaking businesswoman, leading opinion in recent years and founder of the Suga Mama Swimwear brand.

שוגה מאמה (צילום: אלי זנתי ודור בורכוב, יח"צ)

Millie Dahan opened the brand a year ago, when her pavilion in Rishon Lezion was inaugurated very recently, with the reopening of the malls. In the past year, Dahan will run her impressive business on social media: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Zoom and Lectures. For her it was the year of education of her clientele.

"I re-educated the audience," she told us. "For that matter, I started a swimwear business in large sizes, I was differentiated because I caught this niche. Until I got to Azrieli First, I was only in online sales. "I sell swimwear but I sell them their confidence again, the frame is just swimwear."

שוגה מאמא (צילום: אלי זנתי ודור בורכוב)

It takes a lot of courage to take such a step. What do you think?

"I decided to break the rule of thinness here. The whole floor around me in the mall is for skinny sizes, customers are looking at my pavilion and they are in the market. It was not simple at all. They underestimated, hurt, insulted, boycotted and closed in front of thousands of doors. All this way was full of obstacles and today, from my personal insights and breaking the glass ceiling, I built myself as a strong brand going before. Against all odds, you can too. "

שוגה מאמא (צילום: אלי זנתי ודור בורכוב)

During the month of June Shuga's swimwear is sold at a discount of twenty percent off the regular price. You will also receive a NIS 100 discount on every purchase over NIS 500, on all Shoga Mama and Shoga Dada swimwear in sizes S-6XL

The entire 2019 collection for only NIS 299 until stocks run out, including men, and a new collection will soon be released for the whole family and for all sizes, including losing weight.

שוגה מאמא (צילום: אלי זנתי ודור בורכוב)

Summer has just arrived but Millie Dahan's Suga Mama Swimwear has already sold out in three weeks due to the fact that people need this fashion today. Every summer Dahan renews two collections and now she has already renewed four. "I brought the United States to Israel" concluded Millie Dahan who on 3/7 - 2 will hold auditions for swimwear fashion for all genders in the country.

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