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How did Millie Dahan's swimsuit, Plus Size model and swimwear designer from Ness Ziona come to Lizzo, perhaps one of the hottest singers at the moment?

With the help of a lot of luck and a little Israeli audacity

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Today, Lizo, who won the last Grammy at three awards, has a story in which she emerges from the pool with poetry, wearing a black swimsuit with tie on the sides (also # in our story) that has been exposed to her nearly eight million followers. This swimsuit was sewn and made in Israel by Mili Dahan, who owns the Shoga Mama brand. "A year ago, I was signed to the Wilmina Agency in Miami as a Plus Size model and there I was exposed to the phenomenon of mammoths," she says. I came to Israel. She was then not at all familiar and I connected with him. "

• • • •

Dahan, who you might recognize from the small role she did at Miller Junction produces large-size swimwear without a background in fashion design. She notes that for her, the professional choice is both a living and a correction. “As a full-fledged girl, you experienced a swimwear shopping experience

Was disgraceful to me. Sellers didn't want to sell me and always sent me to the wards of the older ones. I promised myself I could offer girls like me alternatives. "

• • • •

Lizo has three other swimwear from the Israeli brand and is currently in Brazil. How do you say here? Trust you ❤

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