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What do Milli Dahan from Ness Ziona and the international singer Lizo have in common?

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The answer: swimwear "from size S to XXXXL" .... designed and marketed all over the world by Millie, when she made the international breakthrough thanks to Lizo who became her presenter voluntarily and for full women who love themselves as they are ...

Milli Dahan (28) from Ness Ziona has made headlines in recent months as a designer of swimwear for full-figured women "from size S to XXXXL" ...

She began to penetrate the market with the help of word-of-mouth Instagram marketing, her models began to gain momentum, but the big break came thanks to full-bodied singer Lizo, who has conquered huge recent parades and awards, thanks to her unapologetic approach and songs full of messages about acceptance and self-love.

"I saw the show where she's on a big cake and a space, I did not know how I got to it, but that was the goal," she told Guy Pines Mali this week about the relationship formed with the star. "I found her entire beauty team, and I know the stylist personally. Coincidentally, it fell from the sky on me."

And from that moment the road was paved ...

Her swimwear, started starring on the Instagram of the successful singer. They were pulled out during the singer's last vacation which took place last February. And as Lizzo loves, they have been documented and made known to her nine million followers. The interest brought by the international star has only helped Dahan strengthen the goal of changing the way body image and weight are treated and helping people love themselves.

And behind all the success, here too lies a painful personal story of Dahan, who as a full-figured girl suffered from low self-esteem.

"As a teenager, going to a lingerie locker room was a very humiliating moment. It made me develop an eating disorder at the age of 13-14."

This is what she said in interviews, so she designed her new collection especially for teenage girls and girls, for whom she opened a pop-up store.

Until we hear about her, it's for sure!

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