Price in Shekels: 459₪


A model that is all accessorized for the body.

The blue color highlights the curves with the touches of the red paintings that create blur

The model with silicone straps and the development of a large non-ferrous breast hold

Has very thick straps for easy tying to the chest.

The lower is high and covers the lower abdomen and gives a collection of abdomen inward to the body.

For a more comfortable feeling sitting by the beach on a long chair / sea chair / tanning bed during the hot day.



The model is wearing:

Size 44 / 1xl


80% polyamide

20% elst


How to wash:

Wash together and hang the bathing suit

Reverse toward the sun

And hang the bra of the swimsuit with the waistband hanging on the rope and not the caps themselves

ביקיני קומיקס כחול

259.00 ₪מחיר