Price in Shekels: 416₪


The Van Pais model is made of silk fabric and super pleasing to the body.

A chic model is highly recommended to fit it even in the body and attach it to an elegant chic pants.

Very flattering in women's colors with a light complexion.

Inside the chest is a rubber band that supports a large chest.

And rubber on the sides of the buttocks, which makes the buttocks kind of level.

Belt advantage that has a tight waist grip.

It is highly recommended to use the bathing suit as well as a lace bodice for an evening look combined with an elegant pants.


The model is wearing:

Size 44 / 1XL


80% polyamide

20% elst


How to wash:

Wash together and hang the bathing suit

Reverse toward the sun

חווה והנחש

429.00 ₪מחיר